3D Business Cards | Go to the 3rd Dimension to make your business cards stand out!

3D raised foil business cards are the ultimate business card

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It’s almost impossible to stand out of the crowd when it comes to business cards nowadays, pretty much every new design idea has been done. So if you want your business cards to look unique and eye-catching then you need to go down an entirely different ally…or what about a different dimension…maybe the third dimension? 3D Foil Business Cards are a step away from standard issue 2D business cards. They just might be unique enough to help your business cards stand out from the crowd. Ezy Print is an Edinburgh based printing, manufacturing and design company that serves customers all across Scotland from Glasgow to Inverness and beyond. We can even work behind Scotland, serving the entire UK and Europe too. If you’d like to know how Ezy Print can help rocket you to the 3rd dimension then keep reading.

3D raised foil business cards are the ultimate business card for those who wish to both stand out and reflect how upmarket their brand is. They are the final word in innovation and class. If you want the best business cards possible then this really could be the option for you. They are both stylish and professional business cards. Available in a huge range of options, we can create custom business cards that have raised foil accents anywhere on the card. Raised foil business cards are one of our speciality items at Ezy Print. Creative business cards are a must for 2020. If you want creative and luxury business cards then our 3D foil business cards are the ones for your business.

Ezy Print are experts at printing business cards, but more than this we can help you design them, we can even help you with the designing of your entire brand should you need us to assist you. Designing business cards is a real art form, they are small and so there is limited space. We know the best way to design them so that we can take advantage of the small space available and create a business card that not only looks good and unique but also is full of all the relevant information needed by possible clients who you give yours high quality business cards to. What’s more is that we have the capabilities to ensure that your cards do not cost the earth, cheap business cards do not have to look cheap and our 3D raised foil business cards might not come with a big price tag, but they certainly look as though they do. Ezy Print are also experts at delivering high quality products in a very fast amount of time and with no extra cost or stress to your business.

3D Foil business cards are made using an embosser. This means the particular foil you use is added after the cards have been printed. Our expert staff are well versed in using a card embosser and adding foil to a variety of printed materials and so business cards are no stretch for them. If you want your 3D raised foil business cards to have the professional touch then you really need to order them from Ezy Print. We have a huge variety of foil colours available. Choose gold foil business cards for the luxurious and classic look or choose silver foil business cards for a sharp and modern look. It doesn’t stop there either in terms of the colours we have on offer, if you want something more particular for you 3D raised foil business cards then just get in touch for the more personalised option. Printed on the highest quality art board with silk finish, your cards are sure to stand out from the crowd and people will definitely remember them. These metallic business cards are both modern and classy.

The third dimension has already given us so many options and we’ve barely scratched the surface, 3D printing has become very popular recently. Most companies still don’t have access to this advanced 3D printer, but at Ezy Print we do. As we move forward we are always looking for new and innovative ideas when it comes to designing our print. The possibly of 3D printed business cards is something we’re really excited about. 3D printing, lenticular and laser cutting are cutting edge print, design and manufacture options. Options that at Ezy Print we are dying to implement in the manufacturing of our products. Stick with Ezy Print if you want to be on the front line of these cutting edge practises.

Choose to purchase your print from Ezy Print and you won’t regret it, we are affordable and efficient and consistently produce high quality products that completely match up to your specifications. Get in touch with us today at Ezy Print one of Scotland’s and the UK’s leading printing, manufacturing and design companies.

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