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Your product’s packaging is the very first thing your customers see when they approach your product. First impressions are everything and so having the perfect packaging option is vital to the success of selling your products within a retail setting. It’s also very important for online sales. If you sell online it is likely you need to be able to send your products in the mail, therefore you need to invest in a packaging solution that not only creates a great first impression with your customers, but also one that will allow your product to travel safely, maintaining its quality and integrity. During the pandemic, many retailers have had to adapt and move sales online. Getting good packaging solutions that travel well through the post has become a key concern for many business owners. Covid-friendly packaging is important for maintaining trade throughout this difficult and could be vital in allowing businesses to stay on their feet.



Packaging is about more than looking good and keeping the products safe however. Good packaging adds to the overall retail experience for customers. If you have good packaging you make the overall experience more enjoyable for your customer and they are more likely to shop your products again in the future. Investing in good packaging is investing in your brand. At EzyPrint we supply high quality printed and bespoke packaging, including crash lock promotional boxes, paper bags, pillow boxes, promotional boxes and more. Take a look below to find out more about the amazing options we have available including more eco-friendly and sustainable packaging options. Consumers are increasingly demanding that businesses take more care when it comes to their environmental impact and so investing in sustainable packaging is a great way to do your bit for the planet and a great way to make your customers happier and more confident when they buy your products. Here are some of our main packaging products, but don’t forget we also offer bespoke services if you are looking for something more particular when it comes to your packaging needs.



Crash Lock Promotional Boxes


Crash lock promotional boxes are the perfect packaging solution for so many brands. They have a tuck flap top and crash lock base, meaning that they are very durable and the crash lock ensures the contents will not spill out, meaning they are perfect for sending in the post. They are instant and so easy to assemble, they are so simple to fold into shape. They come in a massive range of sizes and styles, not matter what your product, we have the crash lock promotional box for you. They fold down again and thus are easy to recycle. They are available in a range of finishes also, including matt and gloss. They are an incredibly cost effective way of making your brand look cohesive, professional and expensive. If you need a simple but effective and cheap packaging solution with a quick turnaround then crash lock promotional boxes are the best option.



Promotional Paper Bags


Promotional paper bags are a subtle and stylish way to package your goods. Promotional paper bags or printer carrier bags are a must for any business that offers a takeaway service, especially when shops and businesses are focusing more on takeaway services at the minute. During Covid, any business who wishes to offer takeaway services needs packaging and these bags can be personalised with your logo, new opening times or offers. They are ideal for cafes, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, sandwich shops and any other takeaway offering business. They look far more classy and elegant than plastic bags and are recyclable which is far better in our more eco-conscious world. Our paper bags are durable and look great. They can be completely customised and you can make sure they fit your brand. Order our promotional paper bags today for a more classy and minimalist look.



Pillow Boxes


Pillow Boxes are such a handy packaging option to have available. Our full colour printed pillow boxes are a chic and stylish way to promote your brand and to look polished and professional. These boxes make great gift boxes for jewellery shops, boutiques, make-up brands and those offering high-quality products. These branded boxes come in a range of sizes, large and small. They can hold jewellery, make-up, perfume samples, trinkets, accessories and so much more as you provide your customers with your signature products in the perfect branding device. They are a great option for online retailers because they allow for the safer transportation of smaller objects and can be branded to show your business off to the best of their ability. These boxes would also be useful for hotels and restaurants to hold soaps and other small items too. Having branded packaging like our printed pillow boxes is a definite way to look professional and put together.



Promotional Boxes


These simple boxes are perfect for a whole range of products and businesses. Whatever your product our promotional boxes are the perfect packaging to show off both the product and your brand. These custom cardboard boxes come in a range of sizes and styles that we can design to completely fit your brand. They are great for product packaging including makeup and perfume, cosmetics and body products, tech supplies, office and homeware and so much more. They are a great way to make your product look luxurious and feel professional. Whatever the size and shape of your product we can create a promotional box to contain it. Promotional boxes are also great for mailer and subscription packaging. We can make them any size and if you choose the flat boxes they can fit through letter boxes and can be sent in the mail for a very affordable price, which is great for Covid times because it allows you to keep selling your products.



Sustainable and Eco-friendly Packaging Solutions


People are becoming more and more eco-conscious today and that’s great. As businesses we need to make sure we are doing as much as we can to reduce our negative impact on the Earth. That’s why we encourage our customers to always choose more sustainable and eco-friendly packaging options, whether that’s packaging made from recycled materials, plastic-free packaging or packaging that can be easily recycled, we think every little bit can help. If you are interested in investing in more sustainable and eco-friendly packaging options then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more about the great options we have available.


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