The importance of print in the Post-Covid 19 world

The importance of print in the Post-Covid 19 world cannot be overestimated – it may be key to keeping us informed!

2020 has been a year like no other. The Coronavirus Pandemic is as unprecedented as it is hard to understand and difficult to deal with. As a society we have had to make changes we could never have even imagined just a few short months ago and these changes have certainly taken their toll on businesses. We have had to completely change our way of life in many areas and it has been a very hard adjustment. As lockdowns begin to ease and restrictions lesson, things will hopefully be able to move back towards some form of normality. Whilst we should not become complacent about the virus, this means that for some it’s a chance to ensure the survival of their livelihoods. For businesses, letting your customers know when or what is back up and running, is vital to ensuring that you can survive these difficult times. Print is a vital tool now more than ever in ensuring that businesses can survive following the Covid-19 Pandemic.

One feature of this incredibly unique lockdown is the rise in demand for print – from newspapers to posters to leaflets – carrying news and information that the public can trust. Never before have printed communications been so vital to getting the message across about Covid-19. Usually the digital world takes precedence in communications, but the need for clear and distinct signage and print communications such as flyers, mail-outs and information packs have now become a life saver. You cannot rely on all the information you read online but print is a trusted method for spreading reliable information. It could be key to keeping the public informed about important safety measures and it could be vital in helping businesses connect with their customers and get back on their feet.

As we increasingly open up our businesses and begin to interact with each other in real life again, signage will be vital for ensuring that people can stay informed and to ensure that we can maintain social distancing. Coronavirus will not immediately go away once lockdown is eased, if we become complacent this could easily lead to a resurgence in the virus, which would only prolong its worst effects. We need to make sure we continue to keep ourselves and others safe, and print can play a significant role in this. This blog post will describe some of the key forms of print that may be useful to us as we move from one phase of the virus to the next. As we have seen the pandemic has resulted in us having to become pragmatic and print as a medium is very flexible. The last few months have not been easy and arguably the time following the end of lockdown may be even harder as we all attempt to get things back to normal. But we’re all in this together and hopefully we can come out the other side relatively unscathed.

Print – reliable information in your hand

Print has been around for a very long time. It is something we know and trust. Often in the digital age we can forget about print, about how effective it is and how its more tangible than something we see online. As the pandemic spread, we saw many news stories circulating online and much uncertainty was spread by unofficial (and official) sources. This uncertainty and confusion was something that made the effects of the virus all that much harder to deal with. It is hard to know where a post comes from online and so it’s hard to know who and what to trust. Print however is seen as more reliable and consistent. When we received information about the virus in leaflet form it was easier to understand as the information had clearly been carefully curated and presented. This is something that print can offer us, more certainty in an uncertain time. It is an effective way to make public health announcements. Not everyone is online but most people will receive information through their letterboxes.

Print that is sent straight to your door is not the only way it can be used to help during this virus, posters that inform people about public safety measures when they are out and about are vital. As the lockdown has been underway for so long it is almost easy to forget the importance of social distancing, however if there are a few public safety posters around it makes it a lot easier to remember that we need to keep a safe distance between ourselves and others. The measures can be difficult to follow sometimes and so simple and direct posters and other forms of print that remind us in a clear way what we need to do to ensure the safety of ourselves and others cannot be underestimated. This can be as simple as a poster reminding us to keep washing our hands. As lockdown eases and restrictions change we need to keep people up to date on what those changes are and print is a great way to do so.

Getting your business back up and running after lockdown is going to be the priority for business owners. This means getting customers back through the doors and interacting with you. Print again is vital in letting people know if you’re fully open, delivering or taking online orders or whatever measures you choose to help get things back to normal. If you want customers then you have to let people know you are back in business. Whether it’s sending out leaflets from takeaways that inform customers of reduced menus, or businesses that have had to adopt new opening hours relying this information. Print is here to help. Posters, leaflets, business cards, letters, stationery and brochures are but just a few examples of the many forms of print we can use to boost sales and interactions as the world starts to open up again.

Signage – vital to ensuring social distancing

Signage works hand and hand with print to ensure people stay informed. Signs to remind us to stay six feet apart and that remind us to wash our hands have helped people maintain safety when they are out in shops and other essential areas. As you reopen your business it is going to be vital to remind yourself, your staff and your customers to follow the appropriate safety measures. Vinyl signage for windows and floors can be a great way to do this as they are easily installed and removed and are clear and easy to follow. More than this, signage might be vital in letting your customers know you are back in business. There’s often nothing more clear than a large ‘We’re Open’ sign to entice people in and to get business booming again. Maybe you have used some time during the lockdown to consider revamping your business and you’re looking to update your signage and give your company a new, fresh look. A revamped shop front may encourage even more customers once the lockdown restrictions are eased. Another great way to let people know you’re up and running again is with vehicle wraps, this increases exposure to the signage by a significant degree as the vehicle is out and about.

Signage has so many options and so will you once the restrictions ease. But we must remember that public health and safety must remain a priority in the post-lockdown world. Many print and signage manufactures have adapted to the struggles presented by the pandemic and have begun to offer protective gear as a way to help businesses maintain themselves without putting their staff and customers in undue danger. These products include masks, which have been confirmed as vital in preventing the spread of the virus, face shields and protective screens to prevent contact between staff and customer. These products have been vital to essential workers and as more and more businesses open up there will be even more call for them.

These products and print and signage that reminds us to maintain social distancing are so important in the struggle against coronavirus. We cannot underestimate their importance in keeping us informed and therefore safe throughout this incredibly difficult time. Covid-19 has changed the game and so we must change and adapt too. Print and signage are flexible, practical, cost effective ways to keep the general public informed of public health measures and of any updates concerning the virus. They are also vital in ensuring that the businesses that make up our economy and that employ us are able to get back on their feet and at some point carry on with business as usual. We are looking forward to the world going back to normal, to being able to go back to work and to see friends and family. As these things start to happen we must remember that certain safety measures must be adhered to and print and signage might just be the key to reminding us.

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