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5 Key Business Stationery products that all businesses need!

Update your business stationery!

Whether you’re a business start up just emerging or whether you’ve been a business going for 50 years in your industry, chances are you need some form of stationery. It’s widely expected that all businesses will have some form of custom stationery, whether it’s for marketing and networking purposes such as business cards or custom calendars, or whether it’s for personalised letters and writing equipment to look professional when contacting your clients and partners. Ezy Print are the personalised stationery experts and we can advise you about what stationery you will need to run your business and to get started or if you’re looking to update the business stationery you currently have, then we can advise and offer you more innovative and exciting products! Take a look at the five key business stationery products we’ve chosen to highlight below, these are certainly not the only options but they are definitely a great start and something every business needs to have in their stationery arsenal.

1. Business Cards

Business cards are one of the leading business stationery options and there’s a reason for this, they are effective and practical. They are a great way to help with brand exposure, they are essential for networking and are a product that every individual professional and business must have. They are vital for conveying contact information and locations to potential customers and clients. Business cards are vital for business and so pretty much every business and individual in every industry has one, this means standing out from the crowd in terms of your business cards is not always easy. That’s why at Ezy Print we think it is important to offer a huge variety of options when it comes to our business cards, including modern and innovative business cards. We have 3D Foil Business Cards, 3D Spot UV Business cards, Double Sided Creative Business Cards, Plastic Business Cards, Magnetic Business Cards, Triplex, Folded, Metallic Foil, Square and Textured Business Cards. There are so many options, if you are looking for professional but exciting business cards that stand out from the crowd then look no further than Ezy Print Options.

2. Letterheads and Envelopes

Sending hardcopy letters is still a very important element for the majority of business. You never know why you might need to send a letter, for accounts or tax purposes, to interact with business partners, to invite customers or to inform the public of changes or updates to policy or general information. As a business, you can’t just send a blank piece of paper with the information on it, you must have branded letters. This means having a letter head with the logo and branding, as well as having your contact information and return address on show. If you want to look professional then you need to have branded letters and branded envelopes. There is also a practical reason for having your letter and envelopes printed by a professional printing company, it is far more practical and efficient. Rather than have to constantly write out the information yourself or stamp it, you can have it printed which will also look much more professional.

3. Deskpads

Deskpads are also a great option for personalised stationery for businesses. They are practical as individuals can use them to make to do lists, write memos and plan projects. They can be customised however you want, with branding and logos wherever you want them. They are a very cost effective way to make your office spaces look more professional and organised and look a lot better than having pages strewn across desks. They are also a great option for gifts and giveaways as they can be given away at trade shows and customers will use them and always remember your brand or business when they do.

4. Pens

A staple when it comes to personalised stationery, branded pens are a number one product for all businesses. Not only are they effective tools, they are great for giveaways and gifts because they are affordable, small and usable. Having pens with your branding, logos and company details is an easy way to increase brand exposure and it also helps make your company look more professional and put together, personalised pens are one of our key options and can be produced on masse. We have soft grip printed pens or everyday pens available, if you want something more personalised or luxury just simply get in touch with us to find out more about the amazing options we have available.

5. Calendars

The final product we recommend both to businesses that are just starting out or for long established companies are personalised calendars. These items are the perfect personalised stationery options for a huge range of companies. They are both practical, they can help businesses organise their time and team better. They are effective marketing tools, they are kept all year round by those who us them and every time they look at their calendars they will be reminded of your brand. They are also great options for giveaways and gifts because they are cost effective and practical. They can also be made to look very stylish or modern and can be an important part of the decor for office spaces and home offices. However you want your branded calendars to look, we can make it happen. Whether you want want flat calendars or calendars that flip over we can help. We have desk calendars available, wall calendars, folded wall calendars and promotional calendars, whatever your personalised calendar needs, we can certainly help you.

These 5 key stationery items are only a few examples of the amazing stationery options that are available for businesses. If you are looking for a company that can help you will all your stationery needs then you need look no further than Ezy Print. We are incredibly passionate about print and can offer an incredible range of print solutions and options. If you want to find out more about us or if you have more bespoke print needs then please get in touch with us and we’d be delighted to help.

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