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Get stationery ready for 2021

I think it’s safe to say we’re all pretty excited for 2021 after the difficulties of this year. 2021 is the chance to start something new or restart things that were put on hold. If you’re planning on starting a new business venture if you’re just looking to update your current one in the new year, then we have an amazing range of custom stationery for you to invest in to look more professional and to feel more put together. Take a look at five of our favourite bespoke stationery products for 2021.

Custom Calendars

A key stationery product for starting out the new year has to be bespoke calendars. They are not only a really great way to keep organised and to stay on top of things, they can also look great and make great promotional gifts for customers and partners. At Ezy Print, we have desk calendars with spiral tops, we have flat wall calendars and we also have promotional calendars that can also be displayed on the wall. When you work with Ezy Print you can have your calendars personalised however you want, if you want them covered in your branding then that’s something we can do. Calendars help staff stay on top of things and can improve communication which helps with businesses running smoothly. If you want to start 2021 off on the right foot then do not hesitate to get in touch to find out more about the amazing calendars we have on offer.

Personalised Deskpads

Deskpads are another great organisational tool and are perfect for small businesses who have to rely on a small number of staff members. They are great for being able to note down all the tasks you have to carry out in a particular day or week and can look really stylish and professional on staff desks. They like the personalised calendars can be completely customised to reflect the branding of your company and can also make great marketing tools to be given as gifts to customers. They are practical and stylish and are a great way to keep on top of tasks in 2021. Stay organised and ahead of the game with personalised stationery.

Custom Pens

Everyone who works in an office or who runs a small business knows that they require a massive amount of pens. If you need pens then why not get personalised ones? At Ezy Print we have simple everyday pens that are perfect for office use and can be branded with your logo and we also have more luxurious soft grip printed pens. Pens are not only practical for staff within the office, they make great promotional gifts for clients and customers. They are incredibly affordable and easy to manufacture meaning they are the perfect addition to any giveaway pack. Custom pens are a must have when it comes to personalised stationery for offices and small businesses, make sure you are prepared for all the business you will do in 2021 by ordering your custom pens from Ezy Print.

Postcards and Compliment Slips

If you’re running a small business then you’ll be aware of the importance of making sure your customers know you are grateful for all the business they offer you. Compliment slips are a great option for a lot of businesses to let customers know you appreciate them and to offer rewards to loyal and consistent customers. If you run a small business that relies on mailing products directly to customers then compliment slips or personalised postcards that thank your customer for purchasing from you and supporting your business are vital. Investing in high quality and stylish postcards is a great way to make you small business look even more professional. You cannot underestimate the importance of little additions like thank you post cards when it comes to maintaining a small business. Set yourself up for success in 2021 by investing in personalised postcards and custom compliment slips.

Custom Mugs

No office would be complete without a set of branded mugs that staff and customers alike can take a coffee in. Mugs are one of the best items to customise because they have a big surface area and can be filled with a wide range of designs. Printing on mugs is easy and we are the experts at it. Mugs are not only good items to have in the office, they make great give-away options for gifts. Everyone loves getting a free mug, especially if it has a cool or funky design. If you’re interested in stepping up the look of your office in 2021 then look no further than your own branded mugs, a must have in any new year stationery order.

There are so many options beyond this when it comes to stationery. Any stationery you want we can brand it for you and we’ll do it perfectly. Get in touch with us if you want to find out how we can help you with all your printing needs this new year.

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