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Folded Business Cards

Business cards come in all sorts of designs, they proliferate the market and so having a business card that stands out is quite a difficult task. Our folded business cards might just be up to that task. Tent cards or folded business cards are a great way to stand out, people will remember your unique card and they'll come to you for business. What's great about these cards is that they have a unique design but are still standard size when folded down. They have double the space of ordinary business cards meaning you can print a range of information on the cards, if you want a full list of all the services you offer on the cards then these are perfect for you, especially if you get the double-sided ones. Their standard compact size means they are easily stored in wallets, pockets, handbags and purses, making them perfect for on the go and when you are out of the office. Nothing looks more professional than being able to offer a potential customer your own business card, and what makes the folded cards even better is that they stand out from run of the mill business cards. They are entirely customisable, whatever your brand ethos, you can reflect it through the design of your business card. The folded card is available so that you can have it folded landscape or folded portrait. There are a lot of options when it comes to this business card. Not only do they make great business cards, they can also be used for price-lists, mini-menus, appointment tables, loyalty cards, mini-calendars and membership cards. Folded business cards give you and your company the most options and therefore are they best choice because they stand out and have the most space.

Folded Business Cards
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