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Desk Calendars
Desk Calendars are a genius marketing tool! Your customers will be right next to your personalised desk calendars, decked out with your logo, all year long. That's the beauty of the custom desk calendar, it's a long-term investment, a year long investment to be more accurate. As these clever marketing devices sit prominently on the desks of your customers, who will use them every day, they will be reminded daily of your brand. Not only are these products practical, they are incredibly affordable and easy to produce. Making them a great way to promote your brand and stay in your customers minds.
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Folded Wall Planners
Folded wall planners are a great promotional tool for a number of reasons. No matter what design you choose they will be able to promote your brand all year long, that's 365 day visibility. You really can't beat that. You can have your company branding around the entire edge of the planner and it will be viewed for an entire year, that's a pretty good investment if you ask us. What's great about the folded wall planner is that they are entirely customisable, whatever you want, you can have. They come in a range of layouts, including different blocks and columns and you can choose what suits your company best, they also come in a range of sizes.
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