Why our Trumasks™ are your number one accessory in 2020!

Taking a necessity and making it fashion – Why our Trumasks™ are your number one accessory in 2020!

It’s a fact of life in 2020 that wherever you go you’re more than likely going to have to wear a face mask. Masks are essential to helping keep ourselves and others safe and wearing them is a small price to pay for peace of mind and saving lives. Wearing a face mask doesn’t have to be a chore though, it can be the opposite. In fact we argue that face masks are the must have accessory of 2020 and beyond, especially our stylish and comfortable Trumasks™.

Few masks are better than Trumask. They are amongst some of the most popular masks for everyday wear. With their nano-fibre filter system there’s an obvious reason for this, they are very comfortable and have a higher level of filtration than most other everyday masks, with up to 90% filtration efficiency. This comes from their three-layer filtration system, which not only offers an incredibly high filtration level which means they are effective at keeping a significant number of germs at bay, it also means they are very breathable. When you’re wearing a mask for a long period of time, breathability is incredibly important. Trumasks are also reusable, simply throw them in the wash at 60º and they will come out fresh and clean, perfect for the eco-conscious. Their three layers also means they are relatively water-repellant and can keep your face dry and safe.


Not only are Trumasks effective. They can be incredibly fashionable as well. Obviously the most important thing about masks is that they slow down the spread of germs, but if being able to create masks in trendy prints and colours means more people wear them then we should make them as fashionable as possible! 2020’s Virtual Fashion Week featured some incredible masks on and off the catwalk and many of the collections of prominent designers saw their share of masks too. Trumasks come in a range of prints and colours, if you want to look fashion forward why not choose a mask in one of the key prints of the season, plaid or houndstooth could be the perfect choice. Or why not choose a mask in a block colour and show off the it-colours of Autumn 2020, a mask in a rich gem colour would be perfect for this. Trumasks come in a range of sizes and can be used by all the family. The huge range of styles to choose from means masks will be your go to fashion accessory from now on!

They may also be the perfect accessory come winter as they keep your mouth and nose safe and cosy and away from the cold weather. Masks may also provide people with the chance to dress up for Halloween this year. We know things couldn’t possibly be the same for Halloween 2020 and those who love to get dressed up and get spooky won’t be able to do the usual. Masks might just provide you with the opportunity to do so this year. Why not don a creepy mask this Halloween to show your spooky side whilst down at the shops? The options with masks are endless and they can be really fun and fashionable. Trumasks are brilliant because they are both fashionable and effective.

Don’t forget your mask when you leave the house in 2020, it just became your most fashionable accessory!

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